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Our Services

We are an Event Promotion Project Management Team

When a large group of people recognize the value of a product or service,
it gains momentum and has the potential to become a “big hit.”
We strive to share the deep thought our clients have put into products and services,
to produce events that best communicate their value to as many people as possible.

Built upon optimum communication, personal experience, and a power-knowledge mentality,
we put into practice all necessary elements required to create a stimulating event experience.
This is Primal Venue.

Sales Promotion

We comprehensively produce sales promotion events, planning, production, direction, and we are also capable of assisting in event operation.

Our events strive to vividly synchronize our client’s vision with various ad’s, media outlets, online web, and TV commercials to stimulate a demand from users and increase company sales.

Event promotion allows companies to offer a direct, hand-to-hand approach to consumers which has proven to be a very effective form of communication. In recent years there are many innovative and bold events being created in many ways. “Sales Promotion Events,” offer unique advertising techniques such as field promotion, exhibitions, outdoor advertisements, and more.


Maximizing the appeal of your products with gorgeous stages and advanced booth design.

Appealing your products to the fullest, with colorful stages, advanced booth designs to cater to the taste and enthusiasm of the client. Regardless of industry, our experience in various events has built our confidence and drive to take on large, and long-term projects and execute them with a steady, and smooth management style for each client.

Ceremonial Events

In order to satisfy all of the clients and guests attending, we make it a point to operate with patience and care.

One of the many important services we offer is to decorate and host celebration or milestone events. This includes award ceremonies, parties and memorial ceremonies sponsored by companies / administration, anniversary events, and more.

In order to satisfy clients, invited guests, and all attendees, we utilize the know-how cultivated from experience in many events, and offer various services with delicate attention.

PR Events

We guide media from your company to a PR story full of entertainment.

Press releases and PR events convey info about new products to mass media and disseminate information to a wide range of people. In addition to not only delivering prompt and accurate information, we also focus on casting appropriate performers with a character that can produce presentations and effectively convey your message to the consumer.

Administration Event

Additionally, we host events and arrangements that harmoniously connect a “Government” to its “People.”

Primal Venue hosts various events lead by administrative and public organizations to showcase regional activities, exhibit creations, advertise content, convey a purpose in the community, and more.

We cate to long-standing organizations, and respect the fixed rules and traditions, depending on the area, that may exist within these structures. Smoothly implementing their event requests, we aim to balance communication between the “Government” and it’s “People.”

In the last few years, we have organized events that aim to relieve rumors about natural disasters in Japan, and improve sales of specialized products to the consumer. Additionally, we have an increasing demand to organize events related to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.


Utilizing know-how from managing various events helps us lead you to a successful and profitable event.

We often host various seminars organized by companies & organizations, workshops, large conferences for presenting information about academic research presentations, new technologies, and much more. These events are often referred to as MICE, which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions.

Primal Venue also offer services to moderate examinations or host training sessions. Although these services are technically not considered to be an “event,” we apply our event planning knowledge to smoothly carry out any type of affair you may require.

Stakeholder Events

We comprehensively produce the planning, production, performance and operation of events for stakeholders.

Honoring the privacy of stakeholder events, we can only give general information, however, in addition to IR events, we also host general shareholders’ meetings and anniversary events. In addition to requests from clients to host a variety of employment ceremonies, briefing sessions, in-house exchange meetings, and company to close family invites and events.

These type of in-house events aim to show the significance and motivation of employees, and withhold their trusting corporate relationships with love and care. In addition, we also host a variety of retail store events to display new products.

General Event Information

Keeping an open mind, we combine our know-how to help you achieve new heights and exceed your event goals and expectations.

To create and execute an event requires the task of building and combing various scattered elements, one by one, until they finally fit together, like a puzzle.

Offering consultation and assisting companies convey difficult messages, we solve all problems from 0 to 100.

If you want to carry out an event but feel like “I do not know what to do or where to start!” we would be happy help you, no matter the situation. We will devise a plan together to accomplish the best event possible, utilizing our wide range of experiences and know-how. We carefully plan out countermeasures for every risk involved and undertake responsibility for the implementation of the event. Please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.